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KIALOA US-1: Dare to Win

An online companion to Jim Kilroy's book
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KIALOA III by Arvel Gentry
A Rough Ride To Honolulu (July 1959)
Kilroy Was There Quite Early (March 1962)
New Boat Seeks Speed Through Luxury (February 1964)
An Uneasy Way to Acapulco (March 1964)
Float Like A Butterfly (March 1975)
flash back- JBK Sydney to Hobart Race(December 1975)
Record-fast Kialoa first to sail into Lauderdale (February 1977)
Record Run On The Southern Sea (February 1977)
Where To Draw The Line (December 1979)
Kilroy Skippers KIALOA To First (February 1980)
Ahoy! Kilroy Is Here (February 1981)
KIALOA Reported Leading Fastnet (August 1981)
Late Rule Change Proves a Handicap to 81-Foot Kialoa (February 1984)
KIALOA, Matador Lead SORC (February 1985)
Kilroy Will Be There, But Will He Be There First? (February 1985)
Nothing's Mini About Maxis (September 1985)
'KIALOA' Scores Boca Grande Maxi Win (February 1987)
KIALOA takes early lead (March 1987)
SAILING;Yachts Are Maxi, In Size and in Cost (June 1987)
A New Breed of Corporate Skipper (June 1988)
Kilroy's KIALOA V Wins Four Straight Yacht Races (June 1988)
Jim Kilroy's KIALOA Fits His Style, Has No Interest in America's Cup (June 1988)
Kialoa V Heads Entries for Race Week (June 1988)
Kilroy Challenges New Zealand to Race His Maxi Boat, KIALOA V (September 1988)
What Is A Matador Squared? (January 1991)
Return to Fastnet (November 1999)
Australia. Rolex Sydney Hobart: KIALOA's race record remembered 30 years later (December 2005)
Rolex Big Boat Series 2008 Day 3 (September 2008)
Kialoa milestone:the legendary Californian maxi shook things up... (June 2012)