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KIALOA US-1: Dare to Win

An online companion to Jim Kilroy's book
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What are Big Books?  

They are huge 2' x 3' scrapbooks (about 15-25 lbs) filled with thousands of print articles, photos, correspondence, etc spanning the KIALOA's lifetime.  You will see discolored newspaper pages from 30 years ago, pieces of magazine articles, slides converted to photos and much more.


1966 Daily Pilot- Pride of the Orange Coast

1972 Sailing- KIALOA; A Beauty and a Winner, KIALOA is Unique

1972 PV Peninsula News- Kialoa II: the Sleekest Winningest of Sailboats


1973 Yachting News- KIALOA II Pride of Southern CA


1975 Aug Sail Cover

1975 Australian Mercury- Kialoa first in, but NZ team ahead

1975 Australian- Helsal misses all chance of record

1975 Australian- New Zealand retain the lead in Southern Cross

1975 Clearwater Sun- Kialoa's Unusual Protest Brings SORC Victory

1975 Clearwater Sun- SORC Boats Set Sail For Nassau

1975 Cowes Daily Express- Bumblebee booms in to land the top trophy

1975 Cowes Guardian- Kialoa first home after long race

1975 Cowes- World Yachts Vie

1975 Cowes Daily Telegraph- Mighty Kialoa home first but Brit Cup goes to Bumblebee

1975 Curtain of sail does not hide any drama

1975 CYCA Invite

1975 Daily Cleaner- Kialoa fastest in the world

1975 Daily Pilot- Kilroy's Ketch

1975 Dunhill Cup Letter

1975 Erie PA Times News- KIALOA

1975 Evening Outlook- Kilroy's Yacht Survives Fog

1975 Ft Laud Tribune- Gruelling southern ocean racing event finishes here Saturday

1975 Ft Lauderdale News- Kialoa Leads For 8th Time In Sail Race

1975 Hobart Mercury- Big Americans Leading Fleet

1975 Hobart- Kialoa Breaks Record

1975 Independent- Kialoa Ahead

1975 Kialoa Blasts Sydney-Hobart

1975 Kialoa First Across Line In Fastnet

1975 Kialoa Leading 250 in 'Fastnet'

1975 Kialoa put seal on supremacy

1975 Kilroy, Kialoa Leading Pack In Miami Race

1975 LA Herald Examiner- Kialoa Yacht Holding Lead In England

1975 LA Times- '75: a Very Big Year in Sailing

1975 London Times- Kialoa wins and breaks record by 11 hours

1975 London Times- note from Ron Murray

1975 Maxi-yachts set for a battle

1975 Mercury- 'Kialoa will be beaten'

1975 Mercury- Big Fleet Ready for the Gun

1975 Mercury- Crew With A Clue

1975 Mercury- It's Rampage on handicap

1975 Mercury- Kialoa Heads For Record

1975 Mercury- King Kialoa may return

1975 Mercury- Record ahead!

1975 Mercury- Safe start is yachts' worry

1975 Mercury- Sydney Hobart Corrected Times

1975 Miami Herald- California Wins Sailing Contest

1975 Miami Herald- Kialoa III Named Montego Victor

1975 Miami Herald- Kialoa Leads Montego Race

1975 Miami Herald- Kialoa Wins SORC Race in Record Time

1975 Miami Herald- Making Waves

1975 Miami Herald- SORC Fleet Sets Sail For Lauderdale Today

1975 Milwakee Journal- Yachts Set Sail

1975 Navtec Ad

1975 NY Times- Ketch Kialoa First Over Line in Edlu Race

1975 NY Times- Kialoa First To Finish Ocean Race

1975 NY Times- Kialoa Leads Fleet Nearing Newport

1975 NY Times- Kialoa Sets Mark In Sail to Newport

1975 NY Times- Kialoa, Coast Ketch, Leads in Florida Sail

1975 NY Times- Kilroys Ketch Is First To Finish At Montego Bay

1975 NY Times- Many Top US Yachts in Trans-Atlantic Race

1975 NY Times- Stinger Captures Southern Ocean Racing Crown

1975 NZ yacht team best-placed

1975 Palm Beach Times- Miami To Montego yacht Race Starts

1975 Providence Journal- Kialoa sets mark in Newport race

1975 San Fran Chronicle- US Ketch Sets Record

1975 Santa Monica Evening Outlook- 'Passage' Takes Halfway Lead In Yacht Race

1975 Santa Monica Evening Outlook- Kialoa III Crosses Finish Line First

1975 Sarasota Herald Tribune- Turner Seeks 3rd Win In Miami SORC Series

1975 Sea Magazine- Kialoa III

1975 Sloop holed on rock

1975 Southern Cross Patch
1975 St Augustine Record- Protest Leaves Race Up In Air

1975 St Pete Times- After lengthy delay, SORC Anclote-bound

1975 St Pete Times- Kialoa biggest and probably fastest in

1975 St Pete Times- Kialoa first to finish

1975 St Pete Times- Protest gives SORC finale to Kialoa

1975 St Pete Times- SORC ready to set sail

1975 St Pete Times- Wind, Waves Slow Rigs In SORC Yacht Race

1975 Stan Darling, Magnus Halvorsen, Peter Green

1975 Sun Herald- Largest Fleet Ever Is Set For Dash To Hobart

1975 Sun Herald- Prospect's Speed Sinks Cup Rivals

1975 Sunday Telegraph- NZ Helmsman Angus' Second Cup Win

1975 Sunday Telegraph- Problem! How to fit 104 boats on Harbor for race

1975 Sydney Hobart

1975 Sydney Morning Herald- Hobart fleet evenly matched

1975 Sydney Morning Herald- NZ yachts favoured

1975 Sydney Morning Herald- Superior tactics win for Ballyhoo

1975 Sydney-Hobart- The Race Within The Race...

1975 Tampa Times- Kialoa scores two wins

1975 Tasmanian Gov Tourist Dept

1975 Tasmanian Yachtsman- Southern Cross Cup

1975 Telegraph Sport- Record 103 yachts for Hobart

1975 The Times- Supporting cast home but not the stars

1975 Toutes voiles dehors

1975 Transatlantic Finish Nab Tower

1975 US Ketch First In Ocean Race

1975 Western Morning News- Race That Went Backwards

1976 Auckland Star- Noryema seems set for Hobart race honours

1976 Ballyhoo Gets Jump- and Win Over Kialoa

1976 Daily Pilot- Auckland Race Won By Kialoa

1976 Daily Pilot- Kialoa Leader In Dunhill Cup

1976 Daily Telegraph- Kialoa Being Set For Sydney-Hobart


1976 Kialoa Is To Miss Regatta

1976 New Zealand Herald- Designed In Aircraft Factory And Flew From Hobart

1976 Saturday Evening Mercury- Sails set for Auckland!

1976 Seattle- Big Kids Come to Play

1976 Soundings- Record; US Team 5th In Southern Cross Cup

1976 Sunday News- Ocean racers in crawl for finish

1976 Syd Hobart

1978 Big Boat Series Under Way

1978 China Sea Beating to Manila

1978 Daily Pilot- Big Boats Vie In SF Regatta

1978 Examiner and Chronicle- Two big-boat rivals sail to dead heat on the Bay

1978 HOOD Letter of Congrats WORC

1978 WORC Awards Ceremony Invite



1980 KIALOA IV Christening Invite

1981 KAZI cover

1981 Miami Herald- Kialoa finishes first in storm-battered race

1981 Mont Kavanagh Award For Design

1981 Motor Boating & Sailing- Kilroy Is Here

1981 NY Times- Kialoa, the Rage of Maxiboats

1981 Providence Journal- Dutch yacht first to Newport

1981 Sail- Kialoa IV- maxi rocket ship

1981 Sailor's Gazette

1981 Sea and Pacific Skipper- KIALOA: The Pacesetter From SORC To Sydney
1981 Seahorse- Big Boom In Yacht Racing

1981 Seahorse- Maxi Racing

1981 SORC

1981 St Pete Independent- Dismasting Winds And Near Calm Test Ocean Racers

1981 St Pete Times- 'Kialoa' leader of a calm battle

1981 Tribune- Kialoa wins the Nassau Cup

1982 Caribbean Boating- Antigua Sailing Week

1982 Ft Lauderdale News- Redeye goes from last to first in SORC

1982 Great Fun Has Last Laugh in Boat Series

1982 les cashiers du Yachting Cover

1982 SF Chronicle- Big Boat Series Jostling Continues

1982 SF Chronicle- Yacht Racing's Winds of Change

1982 Sun Sentinel- Winds fall, Kialoa rises, crosses first

1982 Winged Victory- Condor Takes The California Cup

1983 Diario de Mallorca- El Nirvana de EE UU, ganador absoluto

1983 Hood Ad

1984 FORZA 7 Cover


1987 Course Au Large- Maxi Show A Saint-Trop

1988 Society- Societe Des Bains De Mer Maxi Challenge

1988 Mondo Somerso- MAXI 88

1988 Yachting- Maxis Battle In The Virgins

1989 Corso Italia- Il Maxi Club

1989 Yachting- Privileged Information

25 Yachts Finish Race To Mazatlan

Big Races A Lead-Up to Hobart

Boating Kialoa Set At The Rock

Calm sea robs Ragamuffin of race victory

Daily Pilot- Ballyhoo SF Champion

Daily Pilot- Big Boats return

Daily Pilot- Big Boats Finish Passage, Kialoa Clash in Tiebreaker

Four Southland Yachts in Australia Race

Heads, Prayers Go Up When RacingYachts Hit

Hood's Robin Unofficially Sails To SORC Victory

Kialoa and Ondine Battle in Hawaii

Kialoa and Ragtime in Battle of the Boats

KIALOA blast under Skyway

Kialoa Finishes First

Kialoa Holds Long Lead In Mazatlan


Kialoa III Commented by Sparkman and Stephens

Kialoa Just Beats Ragtime to Finish

Kialoa Leads Fastnet Race

Kialoa Out to Avenge Lone Defeat

Kialoa Takes 50-mile Lead To Mazatlan


Kialoa, Ondine Battling

Kialoa, Windward Passage Ready for Duel in Australia

Kilroy named marshal of Christmas Afloat


King and Queen of Yachting

King of the maxi owners


Light Winds Forecast For SORC Start Today

Line 7 Ad

Locals Fare Well in World Events

Maximum Maxi

Mazatlan Race Who's Who In Yachting

Miami Herald- Kialoa Takes Class, Division In SORC Race

New Spinnaker Series

NY Times- Kialoa and Dora IV Win in Sailing

NY Times- What the New Yachts Look Like

Ondine and Kialoa share sailing lead

Ondine in Front

PAN AM Clipper Cup Yacht Series

Robin Nips Kialoa in Transatlantic Race

Royal Ball Cumberland Cup


Sobstad- KIALOA and Condor

SORC A Thirst For First

SORC Will Keep Boat Designer Holland Busy

Speedy 79-Foot ketch Kialoa Arrives for Cal Cup Series

SORC Tough Truck Driver Is Star Of 'Kialoa' Mast Travelog

Taller ketch from US

The fight to stay in first place

Two Boats Pace Field

Wegs Weekend Cartoon

Windward Passage, Kialoa Collide, Damaged

Yachting Rivals Clash Again

Yale Cordage Ad