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KIALOA US-1: Dare to Win

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Wondering what JBK and KIALOA US-1:Dare to Win are all about?

Read what people have to say after listening to Jim speak about his life, motivation and how this book can help many others!
 Ida Lewis Yacht Club 7/9/2012


It was truly a remarkable night.  It was almost as if Jim were on the helm of the KIALOA again, as everyone in the audience wanted to be part, and actually felt a part, of the KIALOA family.


Truly a lasting memory of a night, and much enthusiasm about having more Club Night evenings at the club.


So please thank Jim for us.  I really cannot wait to read the book!


Robbie  (ILYC Commodore Robbie Benjamin)

Thanks for the nice note. It was my pleasure and I had a blast catching up with lots of folks I hadn't seen in a while. What a wonderful cast of characters...a real tribute to how many people Jim has touched in his life.


Thanks again, will hope to cross paths again soon. Til then...




Herb  (Herb McCormick- wrote the Intro in KIALOA US-1:Dare to Win and is a former editor-in-chief of Cruising World magazine and yachting correspondent for The New York Times)

Thank you for inviting me. Also, great to see all the old salts.

If you're referring to the story I told...It was a Southern Cross team race aboard 12M American Eagle port tacking KIALOA & pissing Jim off big time and threatening to make AE into two 6 meters.


Smooth Sailing,

Jim (Jim Mattingly- former crew boss, Watch Captain and right hand man to Ted Turner)

It was a great evening and thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of it.  It was fantastic to see the Kilroy family come together and tell the great stories. KIALOA was on my wall growing up and as I shared with you last night, I am honored to feel apart of the family, abet in a different chapter.


Jim and KIALOA had an incredible impact on a lot of people, and I am excited to work with you to help make a positive difference in the lives of a new group of kids.


We'll be in touch on the progress of the project.


Thanks again.


Jack  (Jack Geirhart- US Sailing Executive Director)

"From every failure, there is a victory"!


In life, the struggles no matter how large or small are important lessons to become a better person.


I understand the failure in sport can make you stronger. Without failure what would we strive for? Why would we work harder?  


Failure can motivate us to the next level of purpose and good


As a school teacher and a Mom of young children, I'm often faced with questioning myself and if I'm doing, saying or providing the right thing...the best thing. 

Listening to Jim, I felt a bit more justified as a person.

Donna  (Donna Green- Sail Newport Board of Directors and school teacher; Donna came up after the event and said what an IMPRESSION Jim had left on her.  She said she was going to use what she had learned with her students)

Yacht Club Punta del Este 2/26/2013

Hosted by Commodore Horacio Garcia Pastori and Soledad Hernandez:

Standing room only:

Yacht Club Youth Sailing Group: